decide whether to use Turnitin or the My Studies assignment tool

There are two cases where you should use Turnitin for assignments:

  • anonymous marking.
  • plagiarism detection.

There are several cases where you should NOT choose Turnitin, but use the My Studies assignment tool:

  • multiple file submissions.
  • submissions that aren’t essays.
  • submissions of audio or video content.
  • submissions over 100Mb.
  • where you want to attach documents as feedback.

If you must have anonymous marking and/or plagiarism detection and use Turnitin, your submissions cannot consist of multiple files, files with non standard fonts, files over 100Mb, files that contains audio of video content. You will not be able to attach documents as feedback.

Assignment decision flowchart

Assessment decision flowchart

That’s it.

Who does this?

People who don’t want their students to experience issues at submission time.

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