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Helping Hedgehogs

When: Hedgehogs tend to emerge from hibernation between mid-March to early-April, however, this can vary depending on local weather conditions (Hedgehog Preservation Society) and the hedgehog itself.   How to support your local hog coming out of hibernation:  Access in and out of your garden – providing a 13cmx13cm gap in fences, gates, walls. Hedgehogs […]


Hedgehog care and re-introduction to the wild: the story of Mother Hedge and her hoglets.

By Caroline Wiechmann On the 21st of September 2017, I received a phone call from a friend called Will; he had found a mother hedgehog and her five hoglets whilst at work. He was a builder and was building a fence and clearing an area of shrubbery. Will and his work colleagues had come across […]


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