We Listen – Personally

People are at the heart of what we do; we involve them in investigations locally and pilot projects of global relevance.

Topics include:

  • Listening to you

Human dimensions of care in long term condition, presented by Professor Kathleen Galvin, Professor of Nursing Practice at the School of Health Sciences.

You can find out more about Kathleen’s ethics of care research here.


  • Living in a Lab

Digital health living lab: person-driven innovation, presented by Dr Theo Fotis, Principal Lecturer at the School of Health Sciences.

You can find out more about Theo’s digital health living lab research here.


  • Living in Motion

Safe Effective Exercise, presented by Dr Peter Watt, School of Sport and Service Management.

You can find out more about Peter’s exercise for health and wellbeing here.


Cycling and technology in our city streets, presented by Dr Derek Covill, Senior Lecturer at the School of Computing Engineering and Mathematics.

You can find out more on our product design here.


  • Preventing HIV

HIV: fast-track to prevention, presented by Dr Nigel Sherriff, Principal Research Fellow in the School of Health Sciences.

You can find out more on Peter’s research on a behavioural survey for HIV/AIDS and community health workers here.


Responding to HIV, presented by Dr Carlos Peralta, Senior Lecturer at the School of Architecture and Design.

You can read about Carlos’s campaign to help eliminate HIV within a generation here.

Find out more about our Healthy Futures initiatives here.

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