Nursing Society Relaunched

A siling Ellie Morris in her nursing uniform

Ellie Morris

A Nursing Society has been relaunched at the University of Brighton to provide support for all nursing students at any stage of their degree programmes.

Ellie Morris, studying Adult Nursing BSc(Hons), is the Society’s new president. She said the society is facilitating group learning and providing extracurricular lectures from speakers across the multidisciplinary team.

She said: “With this in mind we welcome event participation from all students of the allied health courses, such as Paramedic Science and Midwifery.

“The philosophy behind this is that we want to learn what our colleagues do now as students, so we can better support them in the workplace as qualified professionals. Nursing students possess a myriad of skills and talents, and each individual should be celebrated by their peers.”

University Vice-Chancellor Professor Debra Humphris, who spent 20 years in the NHS and began her career as a student nurse, gave a lecture at the Society’s first meeting.

Ellie said: “We were so excited to see the year start with such an amazing talk by Professor Humphris.

“The Nursing Society aims to champion and support the students throughout the three years of hard work they put in to becoming registered nurses. By graduation, I hope they realise that they had it in them all along.”

More than 97 per cent of adult nursing graduates and 100 per cent of child and mental health graduates go on to work and/or study within six months of completing their courses. And 99 per cent of adult nursing graduates and 100 per cent of child and mental health graduates are in professional or managerial roles six months after finishing their courses.

You can find out more about the Nursing Society on the Student’s Union website

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