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Lucina birthing simulator mannequin

Lucina – our very special delivery has arrived

After months of anticipation, we are pleased to announce the arrival of Lucina, the School of Health Science’s very own birthing mannequin.

Lucina birthing simulator mannequin

Lucina offers the latest teaching technology for our midwifery students in the form of our new wireless childbirth simulator. The maternal fetal simulator can generate mum’s and baby’s vital signs and can even simulate birthing contractions!

Lucina, the Maternal Fetal Simulator was developed by CAE Healthcare in partnership with maternal-fetal clinical educators in the United States and biomedical engineers at Instituto de Engenharia Biomédica at the University of Porto in Portugal.

Lucina birthing simulator mannequin

As part of their training, Lucina offers our Midwifery student’s hands on experience as Lucina can simulate all stages of delivery, including rare emergency scenarios.

Sarah Lewis-Tulett, Senior Lecturer in Midwifery, said: “The midwifery team is very excited about the arrival of Lucina. This allows realistic simulation for our students and enables them to practice their skills on a woman and her baby, in a convincing and safe environment.”

Lucina will also be used by our nursing students for their simulations and by our physiotherapy students as part of their course.

Watch this space for further updates on Lucina.

For more information our school and our midwifery courses, go to:




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Louise Stansfield • June 22, 2017

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