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Flow Experience – Empirical Research and Applications

Editors: Harmat, L., Ørsted Andersen, F., Ullén, F., Wright, J., Sadlo, G. (Eds.)

Flow ExperienceThis volume provides updates and informs the reader about the development of the current empirical research on the flow experience. It opens up some new research questions at the frontiers of the field. The book offers an overview on the latest findings in flow research in several fields such as social psychology, neuropsychology, performing arts and sport, education, work and everyday experiences. It integrates the latest knowledge on experimental studies of optimal experience with the theoretical foundation of psychological flow that was laid down in the last decades.

NATALIE EDELMAN (Senior Research Fellow) will be writing a book chapter in ‘Handbook of ethics in critical research: stories from the field’.

Natalie Edelman

The book will be published by Palgrave publishers in 2017.

Natalie also had a poster presentation accepted for the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV conference, in Oxford from 9-12 July.

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Nikki Marshall • July 18, 2016

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