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Placement Educator Update Day and Emerging- Role supervisors’ workshop

There will be a session on JULY 4th 2016 in the morning at Falmer for educators who want to hear about any changes to the course or familiarise themselves with the Brighton course, assessment, paperwork etc. This is useful for educators who have done their educators training at another university but want to know about our course. To reserve a place please contact Sara Hadland:

In the afternoon there will be a workshop for anyone interested in being a distance OT educator for the diverse placements (providing external weekly supervision). Please contact Sara to reserve a place. If you would like to discuss this role or take on this type of educator role in future please do contact Tracy.



Channine Clarke   01273 643771

Tracy Szekely       01273 643947

Sara Hadland       01273 643873


Source: Occupational Therapy newsletter – July 2016

Channine Clarke, Principal Lecturer and Tracy Szekely, Senior Lecturer



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Nikki Marshall • July 2, 2016

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