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Occupational therapy ERASMUS exchange proposed for 2016/17

Through former Brighton Lecturer Linda Lovelock, we are making links with an occupational therapy (ergotherapie) school in Tours, France and this relationship is developing very positively.  Reciprocal visits have been made between our two institutions as part of the European Union ERASMUS Scheme, with Emeraude Quevillon from Tours visiting us in May 2015 and David Haines spending a week with the team in Tours in January.  He was welcomed enthusiastically by staff and students there and we are very hopeful about the possibility of more formal links.  ERASMUS teaching exchanges in both directions are proposed for 2016/17 and we are also tentatively exploring whether a small-scale student exchange might be workable.



Channine Clarke   01273 643771

Tracy Szekely       01273 643947

Sara Hadland       01273 643873


Source: Occupational Therapy newsletter – February 2016

Channine Clarke, Principal Lecturer and Tracy Szekely, Senior Lecturer

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Dominic Valvona • February 17, 2016

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