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Brighton and Hove annual public health report released today. See below from Alistair Hill, Director of Public Health.

This is music to our ears – here in our Public Health Research Group we have been invovled in work with the Food Research Council on using arts around food advocacy and research : And we are working with Sally Sutherland a Phd Student exploring aspects of design and breastfeeding. Developing arts and health is a wonderful area to be involved in.


The Art of Good Health: Annual Report of the Director of Public Health 2018I’m delighted to present  my first public health report, which highlights the positive impact that being involved in the arts can have on health and wellbeing at all stages of life. This can be found online here:

Headline figures show that people in Brighton & Hove are more likely to engage with the arts than elsewhere in the country – but that many of those who could benefit the most, for example people with disabilities and those who are carers, are less likely to be engaged. We need to ensure that arts and culture are inclusive to ensure that everyone across the city can benefit.

The report includes some inspiring stories and case studies involving local communities, arts practitioners, the community & voluntary sector, the NHS and the council. These illustrate how arts and culture are making a difference to the health and wellbeing of local people.

The recommendations suggest that Brighton & Hove could become a nationally recognised centre of excellence in the arts and health.

I hope everyone with an interest in improving health and being creative will find the report an interesting read.

If you have any comments do feel free to contact me at

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