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Occupational therapy course facilities

Our Eastbourne campus has excellent facilities for those studying to be an occupational therapist. Some of the facilities you’ll use include:

Learning by simulation means you will be confident in your ability to apply your knowledge and skills in your day-to-day professional life.

View images of our students using the facilities:

Take a virtual tour of some of our occupational therapy facilities:

Practical Skills Rooms

Our specialist rooms are equipped for the creative arts and crafts.

These are taught as part of the occupational therapy curriculum focus on health through occupation.

Activities you’ll take part include pottery.

Daily Living Suite

Our Daily Living Suite is furnished like a flat.

It includes kitchen, bedroom and bathroom facilities, allowing you to practice activities of daily living in a realistic environment.

The suite is full of assistive equipment such as wheelchairs, a chair lift, a hoist and specialist chairs.

In addition the kitchen area is used for cookery skills.

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