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Summer team games in the PE curriculum

Our PGCE and School Direct trainee physical education teachers took part in a series of practical sessions designed to increase their subject knowledge of summer team games.

The trainees learnt more about the games of softball, a base-running game similar to baseball with its origins in the USA, as well as cricket and stoolball – both wicket-running games with their origins in England.

All of these games are classified as ‘striking and fielding’ games with two teams competing in a shared area. Essentially they are attacking and defending games played over a set period of time and involve striking, bowling and fielding using the fundamental skills of catching, throwing, stopping and running.

All the games are played over an inning or innings with both teams aiming to achieve the highest score within an agreed period of play. When batting the aim is to achieve the highest score possible with the fielding team aiming to prevent their opponents from scoring.

PGCE and School Direct PE Route Leader, Dr Gary Stidder said: “The Intention of the fielding team is to prevent batters from scoring and to get batters out – run out, caught, bowled, struck out, tagged, stumped or LBW.

“Striking and fielding Games essentially relate to decision making within the context of the game being played. Bowlers and fielders are required to challenge an opponent at bat.  Players are required to score runs by moving between wickets or moving between bases to complete a circuit. The purpose is to score by travelling to set a target that is protected or defended by an opposing team.

“As in any striking and fielding game, the amount of time a player is involved is a small amount of the overall playing time and therefore they must be able to make decisions such as where to move etc effectively.”

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Kerry Burnett • 01/03/2023

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