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Placement workshop day for Diagnostic Radiography students

Students studying on our new Diagnostic Radiography BSc(Hons) and Diagnostic Radiographer Degree Apprenticeship benefitted from a day preparing them for their first two-week placement.

A range of specialist guest speakers were invited to ensure the students were fully prepared to make the most of their placement experience.

Senior Lecturer Oli Davies ran a placement transition sessions giving students the opportunity to air any worries they might have about their placement. The students were comforted to learn that they shared some of the same concerns. Oli also spoke the project he is running with colleague Beck Deido to help students transition from placement to working.

Student Support and Guidance Tutor coordinator, Susan De Jesus, ran a confident communication on placement session. Susan spoke about communicating effectively with patients and staff on placement and how to say no in certain situations. There was also an opportunity to discuss scenarios which could happen in the Imaging Department which involved difficult conversations.

Anthony during his sessionAnthony Sinclair from Sign Source hosted a fantastic online session which was done through British Sign Language with an interpreter. Students were asked which phrases they would like to learn and given plenty of time to practice them.

Phrases included ‘I am a Diagnostic Radiography student.’ And ‘What is you name and date of birth?’ Anthony also ran a scenario to help students understand the common experiences of a deaf person when they attend an Imaging Department. 

NHS logoThe view from the perspective of the practice educator was given by Eleanor Corcoran from The Royal Sussex County Hospital. All Brighton Diagnostic Radiography students will have a placement there and Eleanor spoke about the learning opportunities available as well as showing photographs of their different imaging equipment. The session included a Q&A where the students could find out more about what would happen in certain imaging areas and what to expect.

The students also had a session on Pebble Pad, placement accommodation and travel and an opportunity to go over positioning in the university’s Radiography Suite.

Sara Savidge, Practice Placement Lead and Diagnostic Radiography lecturer said: “I thought it would be good to have a day focussed on preparing for placement. It gave the students time to consider the two weeks ahead that they would spend in the Imaging Department and share any concerns they might have.

“For me it was good to see the students engaging in the different sessions and having a final practice in the X-ray Skills room at the end of the day!”

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Kerry Burnett • 06/12/2022

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