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Amy Davis

The new term is here!

Amy, a second year Sport and Exercise Science BSc(Hons) student, tells us what she’s most excited about this term:

A new term can be both nerve-wracking and exciting

September is usually full of both apprehension and excitement as students all over the country get ready for back to school or university. This year I have felt this even more so as we begin experiencing a post-pandemic society, which of course will affect all of our university experiences.

There are many things I am looking forward to this academic year, as I begin my second year of Sport and Exercise Science which is based in Eastbourne.

On campus learning and SU activities

I would like to begin with a few of the things that I am most excited about, and these include in person labs and seminars and socialising outside of university hours.

The Brighton Students’ Union have put on so many activities for everyone to enjoy; whether you like dancing the night away or a quiet night in with your new housemates. There has been something for everyone to join in on this September and I have really enjoyed this experience.

My second year timetable includes a blend of online and onsite teaching. My laboratory sessions all being onsite, which is a crucial part of my course and a part that me and my fellow students really appreciate. I am really looking forward to meeting and interacting with others face to face and gaining some hands-on experience which I will be able to use in employment after I have graduated.

Some of the lectures will still be online this year but there are also many advantages to this. These include the fact that you can watch them as many times as you want, to make sure you really understand the concepts involved and use them as a revision aid when exam season comes around!

A new term = option modules

As a 2nd year Sport Science student you are able to choose two choice modules to study and this means that you can choose a particular area of the subject that you are interested in.

I have chosen Exercise Referral and Rehabilitation, and Strength and Conditioning and I am really excited about getting hands on with these topics this year.

What to do when you start university

If you are starting university this year or looking to join in the future, I would recommend getting involved in as much as possible and joining any clubs and societies that interest you.

The university experience is all about what you make it…. so remember to get stuck in!

Kerry Burnett • 08/10/2021

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