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All about Occupation

Many of us would think of ‘occupation’ as our job however in occupational therapy the meaning is far wider reaching.

In occupational therapy, occupations are the everyday activities that we want, need, or are expected to do – it is literally anything you do.

It includes all those activities that allow us to live, to connect with others, to have a sense of identity, and – ideally – to experience health and wellbeing. Our occupations therefore range from sleeping and, getting washed and dressed, preparing food and eating, caring for others, dog-walking, exercising, using the internet, working, playing, shopping and socialising.

It could also include things that are not necessarily healthy, positive, or risk-free, such as smoking, substance use, gambling, or even skydiving!

To celebrate people as ‘occupational beings’ the University of Brighton’s Occupational Therapy Team have organised a series of free online All About Occupation seminars in 2021. The seminar series will be convened by Dr Rebecca (Bex) Twinley with support from Luci Carnall-Moore and team.

The series will feature speakers who will present and share on a range of topics including:

  • promoting people’s engagement in activities
  • the relationship between occupation, equality, health, justice, well-being, and identity

It will also feature the less known, under-acknowledged and complex aspects of occupations.

Various disciplines contribute to the science of occupation (occupational science), as they are also congruent with the core beliefs of occupational therapy – to reflect this, this series aims to be multidisciplinary and actively encourages involvement of many disciplines.

The first seminar takes place on 26 May 2021 with Karen Whalley Hammell, University of British Columbia; Karen will reflect on her report entitled ‘Engagement in living during the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing occupational disruption’.

Find out more about the seminar series and book your place on the All About Occupation website.

Photo by Matteo Jorjoson on Unsplash

Kerry Burnett • 29/04/2021

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