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The Cornavirus virus

What did we get right in the fight against COVID-19?

Research is needed to evaluate what worked well in response to the pandemic to ensure the successes can be sustained for future use.

That’s the view of Dr Theo Fotis, Principal Lecturer in the School of Health Sciences and Assistant Director of the Centre for Secure Intelligent and Usable Systems.

Speaking during a webinar on The Future of Healthcare, Dr Fotis pointed to how red tape was cut and disappeared overnight at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic as health care workers were forced to make rapid decisions.

Theo FotisDr Fotis, named one of Europe’s top 50 healthcare IT leaders, said: “Now is the time to look back to what we have experienced and through cooperation of all the stakeholders, citizens, health care professionals and industry, work to find what are the meaningful solutions for the future.”

Listen to Dr Fotis during the webinar on YouTube – slide to 7.24 minutes.

Kerry Burnett • 09/06/2020

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