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What to Expect at a Midwifery BSc Interview Day

Midwifery hospital simulation room

Midwifery hospital simulation room

We hear from Stephanie, who is in her 3rd year on our Midwifery BSc(Hons) on what to expect if you are invited for an interview.

The interview period is upon us and it can be quite daunting if you don’t know what to expect.

I was successful in my interview to get on the course and I often help at interview days. I hope I can help prepare you for the day and put your mind at ease about any worries.

First of all, congratulations on getting this far! The hardest part is over and now you can shine in front of the interviewers 😀

You’ll have had a letter with instructions for the day. Make sure you are organised, bring everything you’ve been asked to and leave plenty of time to get there. I’d suggest wearing smart but comfortable clothes as you may be travelling from far away.

When you arrive you’ll need to hand in whatever documents you’ve been asked to bring and to fill out some paperwork. Then you’ll be called up to a room as a group (about 20-30 of you) to have a mini presentation about the university and course.

This is when you’ll be asked to complete short Maths and English exams. It’s normal to be nervous, everyone is, but they’re not too difficult I promise! And there’s plenty of resources online for you to practice before you come. You will need to pass both of these to be considered for a place on the course. Make sure you let the interviewer know if you have any learning disabilities because you will qualify for extra time.

The majority of the group will be taken to the canteen with a student ambassador, such as myself. You will be able to get food and drink, use the facilities, chat to each other and ask the ambassador questions.

Small groups will be taken for interview at a time – the bit everyone dreads the most 😐

First of all, please try not to worry too much. The interviewers are midwifery lecturers, student ambassadors and midwives. They are all very lovely and reassuring!

The interviews are multiple mini interviews. This means you will move between about 5 stations with one interviewer at each.

You will be interviewed about a different subject at each station for a short time. Try to consider questions carefully, allow yourself time to think and breathe! Don’t be scared to ask questions or for clarification if you’re not sure.

The university will contact you soon after your interview to let you know if you have been successful or not. You will have time to ask questions at the end about when you can expect to hear etc.

So remember:

  • be organised and prepared
  • stay calm
  • don’t be scared to ask questions
  • and smile!

Good luck!

If you would like to chat with Stephanie, her profile can be found here.

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Kerry Burnett • 14/03/2019

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