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Thinking of studying public health?

If you have just received your results and are considering studying public health with us here at Brighton, our first ever graduates from our Public Health BSc(Hons) have told us a little bit about their experience. 

“My experience of studying Public Health BSc has been exciting and challenging at the same time. I chose this course, because I was interested in learning different theories in health. There are a lot of new exciting topics to learn and explore. The support that I have had from my lecturers and support tutors has been brilliant which I am thankful for.

“Studying this course has taught me so much about different perspectives in health that is useful and applicable to everyday life.

“My placement experiences have been great as well. I look forward to going out in the community to engage with others and apply the learning from my course. Placements have also helped equip me with useful skills and qualities that are relevant for work in the public health sector.

“I began to understand the community health inequalities a lot better as a public health student. I am very glad I did this course and got to complete it, as it’s such an achievement for me personally and professionally.

Jean Obungu, Public Health BSc(Hons), graduate 2018

Jean Obungu, Public Health BSc(Hons), graduate 2018

“University has motivated me to believe in myself more and achieve more out of my life. You get to grow as a person and your resilience grows as well.

“It is an amazing experience.

“My future plans are to work in the community as a project worker with a health trust and also to gain lots of voluntary experience with charities and relevant health organisations. “

Jean Obungu, Public Health BSc(Hons), graduate 2018


“I chose to study the Public Health BSc(Hons) to broaden my knowledge of how our health behaviours impact our health and wellbeing, as well as addressing the communication barriers, cultural competency in the health care systems that work against all misunderstood communities.

“I had the most phenomenal three years studying public health at Brighton, it has helped me to gain confidence and enhance my professional skills such as writing essays, presentations, communication and interpersonal skills. There was so much support from the librarians, career advisers and dedicated lecturers who were eager to always help.

Thulani Saunders, Public Health BSc(Hons) graduate 2018.

Thulani Saunders, Public Health BSc(Hons) graduate 2018.

“The best aspect about studying public health is the wide range of careers and placement opportunities. I have always been interested in Communicable Diseases and I had the best experience doing my placement at Terence Higgins Trust. Having the opportunity to meet different influential people inspired me to study further. I have signed up to do the Health Promotion MSc. This will equip me with knowledge and skills to participate in managing and reducing communicable diseases like HIV. I look back with a big smile of how I have grown professionally through doing public health at the University of Brighton.”

Thulani Saunders, Public Health BSc(Hons), graduate 2018.

“I chose to do Public health because I am interested in the different aspects of Health and learning about what could be done to prevent diseases. My experience was eye opening and doing modules like Global Social Policy broadened my horizons and helped me understand the different aspects of our lives that affect our health.

“My placement with the Fire Rescue Service and Terrence Higgins Trust were so different that it allowed me to decide what part of Public Health I would like to pursue.

“I really enjoyed that we had guest speakers from different backgrounds in public health this helped show me the different sectors you could go into.

Rumbi Makoni, Public Health BSc(Hons), graduate 2018

Rumbi Makoni, Public Health BSc(Hons), graduate 2018

“I hope to work for a charity such as Diabetes UK to help people improve their lifestyles and quality of life through behaviour change”

Rumbi Makoni, Public Health BSc(Hons) graduate 2018





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Kerry Burnett • 16/08/2018

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