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World Congress Physical Therapists (WCPT)

Dr Hazel Horobin (pictured below) attended the World Congress of Physical Therapists (WCPT) held in Cape Town, South Africa last month. She delivered a platform presentation titled ‘A white physiotherapy curriculum?  Interpreting the experience of UK physiotherapy education through the perspective of critical race theory.’ and also a poster finding agency:  the response of indian physiotherapists to a UK delivered masters course.

Dr Hazel Horobin at the World Congress of Physical Therapists (WCPT) in Cape Town

The main focus of both presentations was on the structural influences that shape health care practices in different locations. Issues of power and agency were explored through an appreciation of the cultural context of both teaching and learning physiotherapy in an HE setting. Both presentations formed an element of the newly included ‘Critical Physiotherapy’ theme in the WCPT congress, details of which can be found here  .

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Kerry Burnett • 25/08/2017

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