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A Santander ‘Volunteering and Community Engagement Award’ and £500 were given to Physiotherapy student LUKE MORRISON, now in his third year. The award was for Luke’s volunteering as a second year student through active Student in the ‘Gig Buddy’ scheme co-ordinated by the local charity ‘Stay Up Late.’ Luke shared his experiences at an award winners lunch with the Managing director of Santander Universities, Robin Foale. Luke says: ‘my time volunteering has greatly developed my communication and organisational skills, influencing my day-to-day life and my clinical physiotherapy practice.’

ALICE MACGARVIE, an Occupational Therapy MSc alumni, has received a Beepurple award for most entrepreneurial service. Alice uses harp playing therapeutically and plans to use the award money ‘to take ..harps to nursing homes, where we could set up a harp orchestra… I would also like to do the same for Learning Disability homes, but see scope for other client groups… I would like to set up a social enterprise.’

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Kerry Burnett • 22/06/2016

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