This is a project to build a community history of the regeneration of Hastings, East Sussex. We want to create a picture of what people think have been the key initiatives which have helped the town to improve as a place to live, work and visit. And we want to create a community resource of key documents and websites which will help in the future with further planning and bid writing.

Have your say

  • Browse the entries posted so far by clicking ‘Timeline’ on the menu;
  • Suggest amendments to existing entries using the comment box below the timeline;
  • Submit your own new entries and images by clicking ‘Submit an entry’;
  • Make your views known using the Discussion Board.

Public displays

Public displays of a wall mounted version of the timeline can be arranged at a suitable venue of your choice. Participants can then add comments using post-it notes. As of October 2019 the wall display is 21 feet long.

Seven pilot public displays of the Timeline have taken place:
25/3/2015  Community Led Regeneration Forum, University of Brighton Hastings Campus
25/11/2015  Hastings Voluntary Action AGM, Sussex Coast College
18/12/2015  Rock House Christmas Party
17/2/2016  Big Happy Energy Day, Sussex Coast College
16/4/2016  Community Resilience Workshop, Sussex Coast College
21/6/2019  Professor Chris Whitty visit, Robsack Centre, St Leonards-on sea
9/10/2019  Hastings Borough Council council chamber, follow up on above


In the early stages of the project almost all suggestions will be accepted and posted on the timeline. The Editors (see entry in ‘About us’) will check for historical accuracy. Later on the editors will be rationalising (to avoid too many entries about the same project) and categorising (using colour coding to help identify patterns and themes).


It is hoped that the timeline will be used by local people to make sense of the regeneration that has taken place in the town and to develop new initiatives. It is hoped that it will be useful to academics working on Hastings projects or regeneration in general. Please let us have feedback on how you use the Timeline or how you would like to use it in future.


The University of Brighton provided seed funding of £1,000 to get the project started. East Sussex County Council contributed towards updating in 2019. All the partners have invested their own time and energy. The success of the project, and the speed with which the Timeline can be built up, will depend on securing sponsorship. If you are willing to help, please get in touch.

Further information

See introductory presentation (pdf)
See public display pilot event photos (pdf)
See presentation by Darrell Gale, Director of Public Health, East Sussex County Council, 9/10/2019. (pdf)
See latest version of the wall display (pdf)

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