Panel Discussions

Military Commissions and Torture

A discussion involving speakers involved in the military commission trial system at Guantánamo, highlighting how the entire system is broken because of the use of torture, and others involved in chronicling the US torture program, and dealing with torture’s effects.

Panelists include:

Michel Paradis, Lecturer in Law at Colombia Law School, and senior attorney for the Department of Defence, Office of the Chief Defence Counsel.

Tracy Doig, Head of Accountability and International Advocacy, Freedom from Torture.

Andy Worthington, journalist, activist and Guantánamo expert, lead author of a 2010 UN report into secret detention, including the US rendition and torture program

Norman Bakerformer minister and Lib Dem MP, freelancer covering many areas, published author

Guantánamo: The Future

A discussion focusing on how President Biden’s stated intention of closing Guantánamo can be fulfilled, looking at the three categories of prisoners still held: those approved for release, those still languishing as “forever prisoners”, and those charged in the military commission trial system.

Panelists include:

Professor Jonathan Hafetz, Professor of Law at Seton Hall Law School.

Nancy Hollander, Internationally recognized criminal defence lawyer who represented Mohamed Ould Salahi when he was detained in Guantánamo

Shane Kadidal, Senior Managing Attorney of the Guantánamo litigation at the Center for Constitutional Rights

Activism and Accountability

A discussion involving the important role played by political activists in keeping Guantánamo in the public eye, and maintaining pressure on the US government and those of other countries, as well as a focus on the ongoing need for those responsible for Guantánamo to be held accountable for their actions.

Panelists include:

Daphne Eviatar, Amnesty International USA’s Director of Security with Human Rights

Andy Worthington, journalist, activist and Guantánamo expert

Jeremy Varon, Professor of History at The New School in New York City

Sara Birch, lecturer in law at Brighton University and Convenor of the UK Guantánamo Network