typography exploration

In order to come up with a few fonts which I will use for my cv, business card, postcard, portfolio and website, I began to explore types via research into existing creatives websites, business cards and other promotional material. I have always been a particular of typewriter style fonts, including courier new and code saver. I also like sans and sans serif fonts. With this in mind, I began to explore this further. Below is a few inspiration images from websites and existing creatives promotional material which I found sparked a few ideas and helped me finalise my types. From this, I then developed a moodboard, which you can also see below. Lastly, I was able to pick 3 fonts, which I have used throughout my portfolio project. The following are: Mono 45 Headline, code saver and OCR B Std. I chose these fonts because I felt they suited my minimal and spacious aesthetic as well as looking good together which is crucial. I found Mono 45 Headline worked well as a header font as it is only available in uppercase so it is good for larger, bolder features, whilst code saver was a good body and header text along with OCR B Std.






moodboard created by myself


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