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I began this brief by researching into Trekstock holistically, as I felt it was important to familiarise myself with the charity, particularly as I had not heard of them before. This research included looking into the charities existing fundraising strategies along with its social media, merchandise and more. I noticed that Trekstock focus strongly on wellbeing, particularly as a way of fundraising and support for the young adults and their families and friends. As an individual who has an interest in healthy living and wellbeing, I felt inspired to use this as a starting point for my project.

During my research into the charity, I noticed that they did not have a charity wristband, for example, the rubber bands, which have the logo embossed onto them – a simple, inexpensive but effective way of fundraising and raising awareness for a charity. I therefore felt there was a gap to create something inspired by this. With this is mind, I designed the ‘Trekfit’ – a stylish and functional wearable technology band, which both acts as a charity band and an activity tracker.

To begin the development of this outcome, I decided to look into existing wearable technology brands, such as Jawbone, Fitbit and Apple Watch along with the apps, which accompany them. I felt this was important because it would be key to the design of my product and app. However, I did find this area quite challenging, as it wasn’t an area that I was that familiar with, particularly as I do not own a wearable technology product myself. Furthermore, my response to this brief contrasts my previous styles of work, as I am not use to looking at technology and products as my focal point. This was therefore a challenge for me, however, it was something I felt I could achieve, particularly as I was confident about pushing myself and doing something out of my comfort zone.

To overcome this challenge, I decided to explore some fitness and wellbeing apps to gather ideas for my band and app by particularly exploring how the quality of the apps navigation along with its layout, aesthetics and functions. Fortunately, I also had the chance to borrow a Jawbone activity tracker, which allowed me to trial the band along with the app, which was a positive.

An aspect which I felt contributed to the challenges of this brief was the significance of the research. In other words, I felt that this project was heavily research based, which I found quite difficult, particularly as I enjoy being a little more hands on in my projects and producing original work.

Nevertheless, I was able to overcome these challenges by targeting my research to areas I found interesting. For example, I designed and drew a selection of illustrative prints, which would be part of the limited edition strap collection. This was a positive, as I was able to develop my interest for illustration and my skills within a fashion background by creating prints, which were inspired by current illustrators and todays fashion.

Alongside this developmental work, I decided to look into existing fashionable charity jewellery, such as the collaboration with Trekstock and Whistles. I also looked at ‘Medi alert’ bracelets as I felt this could be something that could be introduced later on. In other words, collaborating with ‘Medi alert’ could allow the ‘Trekfit’ to also have more than just fitness/ wellbeing related functions. The ‘Trekfit’ could have the ability to have important emergency information engraved onto the wristwear for those who need to carry important medical information with them at all times.

This was an area I felt interested in as it is something that I can relate to. As an owner of a medi alert bracelet myself due to an ongoing condition, I felt quite passionate about looking into medical jewellery. I feel this was a positive to my research as I have an interest in creating a product, which serves a purpose but it is fashionable too.











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