IKEA Case Study

Background on Ikea and Brandwatch

Ikea is a well known international business operating in a vast range of countries all over the world. Originating from Sweden in 1943, slowely moved to a worldwide audience. Ikea currently employes 180,000 people across the globe. (Wikipedia, 2017). Generally retailing in furniture and essential household items, ikea trying to aim at a low cost model but appeals to a wide audience.

Brandwatch is one of the world’s leading social media listening and analytics technology platforms. It gathers millions of online conversations every day and provides users with the tools to analyze them, empowering brands and agencies to make smarter, data-driven business decisions.

What can you learn about the application of  data to marketing? What could you apply elsewhere?

Ikea is trying to implement an online system called a ‘Listening Hub’ which voices customer opinions worldwide from all social media platforms and transforming this infomation into a database that can be accessed from all over the world. This will be hugely benefical to the heads of Ikea, which may be based in different international locations.

This software is being monitored by individual companies employed by Ikea. Brandwatch will gather all of this data together into the ‘Listening Hub’ and then will transfer in over to Ikea and the data will be avalible globaly.

This will be Ikea’s first step into becoming a a socially intelligent business. Ikea is showing the growing importance of social media in an ever expanding online age. Also trying to intergrate a full digital marketing package.

The listening hub ultimately helped prove to the organisation social  data can have myraid beneficial applications and encourage positive changes in the organisation. The infomation data sharing can be directed to the apropriate department for action and used as a ‘tangible culture of wisdom.

Overall, this article as a whole shows that data has a very strong impact on marketing and on business generally. With the huge impact that social media can have on a business, having an engine to see what consumers are posting and their thoughts is a important tool. Being able to highlight trends in data and where Ikea is going wrong, could be critical to changing their marketing.

My Opinion

In my opinion this is a great step forward for Ikea and will provide positive change for the future of their business. Not only providing a great tool for marketing but also giving great analysis to all departments. I think that in an ever growing social media age, more and more conglomerates should be trying to use social media to their advantage. It can give the greatest insight to consumer satifaction and can even be more honest than a survey where people tend to fabricate their views.




IKEA & The Socializers: Building Social into the Heart of a Global Business


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