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students by the sea on beach

Investigating coastal change and exploring Bronze Age burials

Fieldwork is at the heart of geography as a discipline – here are a couple of examples of trips we took our students on we took in November.

East Sussex coastline (first year)

In early November, Level 4 students underwent an exciting field trip to investigate coastal change along the South Coast led by Dr. Gergious Maniatias and Magda Grove. As part of the Academic Learning and Field Skills module, students created a series of beach profiles analysing grain size distribution along Brighton beach and the National Trust’s amazing Cuckmere Haven.

Avebury World Heritage Sites (2nd year)

Level 5 students visited the World Heritage Site of Avebury, with Dr Chris Carey and Dr Laura Evenstar. The field trip explored Neolithic long barrows and the first farmers, Bronze Age burials and the associated societal and landscape changes of prehistory. The field trip also visited the mega henge and largest stone circle in England at Avebury, alongside the largest prehistoric monument in Europe at Silbury Hill, before finishing in the museums of Avebury looking at Beaker pots, Neolithic bones and Bronze Age arrowheads!

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Laura Ruby • January 24, 2022

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