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Dr Nick McGlynn

Making LGBTQ Communities, Changing LGBTQ Spaces

Dr Nick McGlynn, Senior Lecturer in Geography here at the University of Brighton, recently gave an online lecture for the Geographical Association aimed at GCSE and A Level students (key stages 4 and 5) and their teachers. His lecture ‘Making LGBTQ Communities, Changing LGBTQ Spaces’ introduces students to geographic research about lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer lives, and highlights the breadth of innovative scholarship taking place in the discipline of Geography.

Watch the lecture by following this link

Dr McGlynn’s lecture explains the importance of LGBTQ spaces such as bars, pubs, clubs, community centres, neighbourhoods, bookshops and more. It guides students through more than a century of change to LGBTQ spaces, using clear examples from Brighton and Manchester to ground students’ knowledge. The lecture also shows how LGBTQ communities impact on the areas around them – their physical environments, their politics, their economies and more – changing places through their presence and campaigning. The lecture concludes by reflecting on contemporary anxieties around the popularisation and closure of LGBTQ venues, and some of the social inequalities and exclusions they can reproduce.

Dr McGlynn teaches across our Geography and Environment courses, focusing on human geography and specialising in contemporary socio-spatial issues, ethnographic fieldwork skills, and the geographies of gender, sexualities, and bodies.

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Laura Ruby • March 16, 2021

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