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Greetings from Helsinki! – Kiira Kalmi

“After gaining valuable work experience at another Finnish energy company, I started working as a project coordinator in Licensing and Safety Assurance Unit at Fennovoima (a Finnish nuclear energy company based in Helsinki) last year. Funny enough, I was very anti-nuclear during my first years of studies. My opinion started slowly changing when I learned more about our current energy sources and how the demand for greener energy options will rapidly increase in the future.

Fennovoima’s Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant will generate approximately 10 percent of Finland’s electricity needs once the plant is ready. The project is currently at licensing phase and we are working towards construction license. My role is to coordinate the current licensing activities with my team. My typical week includes things like meetings, training sessions, project development activities, letters to Finnish authorities and internal communications.
My studies combined with strong interests in the environment, science and technology is what got me where I am today. My colleagues also value my views as I have a broad understanding of what is going on globally. That is something us geographers should be proud of! In addition to my studies, I learned many important skills from joining different activities such as societies and volunteering roles while at uni. Even when things got way too hectic at times, it has all paid off later.
So my advice to someone studying geography at Brighton would be to try new things, be active, expand your knowledge and enjoy your time in Brighton. You will have time to worry about the future later.”
Kiira Kalmi graduated from Geography BA(Hons) in 2016.
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Laura Ruby • November 4, 2019

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