Geography, Earth and environment at Brighton

University of Brighton at Paddle Round the Pier

The sun shone and temperatures soared at this years Paddle Round the Pier. And we were there, hosting talks at the event’s University of Brighton lecture theatre.

Dr James Ebdon and Dr Diogo Gomes Da Silva (accompanied by their glamorous assistant Bob the Dog) talked ‘Bug, Beaches and Belly Aches’, presenting microbiology research on water quality, exploring how we monitor bathing water quality, why it’s important, what’s in the water and what it’s like elsewhere in the world.

“We had lots of interest in our research from the surfing community in particular. Hopefully we didn’t put too many people off their breakfasts!”

Dr Kirsten Jenkins talked about renewable energy in our local area.

“As you look out to sea from the Brighton and Hove beaches on a clear day, you will be able to see the Rampian Offshore Wind Farm – the first of its kind on the south coast of England and a piece of infrastructure powerful enough to power almost 350,000 UK homes. This wind farm represents a major change in the way we produce our energy.

This presentation discusses the potential for the renewable energy transition in the south of England, considering not only the plentiful resources available, but also what comes next and how we might be affected. It explores the realities of local energy production potential, cautionary tales around strongly renewable pathways that remind us, in part, how strong the sea really is, and projects in the pipeline. Beware big waves and cat litter…”


Click on the link below to take a look at the presentation

Bugs, Beaches and Belly Final-20z3zzb

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Stephanie Thomson • July 11, 2018

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