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PhD research findings taken up by leading humanitarian organisations

Emanuele SozziDr Emanuele Sozzi, pictured (right) with one of his supervisors, Professor Huw Taylor, returned to the UK this summer to celebrate the award of his University of Brighton PhD degree at our summer awards ceremony.

Emanuele began working with Huw’s team in Haiti following the 2010 cholera epidemic, where as a Médecins Sans Frontières engineer he was charged with finding a way to provide safer sanitation in the country’s emergency cholera treatment centres.

University of Brighton academics worked with Emanuele to develop these ideas further and he soon joined our school’s Environment and Public Health Research Group on a full-time basis to develop the research as part of his University of Brighton postgraduate research studies.

The novel findings from this work are now being taken up by leading humanitarian organisations around the world and have recently led to the school gaining financial support from USAID and the Body Shop Foundation to develop the ideas further.

Emanuele is now a postdoctoral research scientist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the USA, though he continues to collaborate closely with the Brighton team.

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Stephanie Thomson • September 1, 2016

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