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Telling the story through remote sensing

2016-01-21 11.29.27As one of my second year options I decided to take GY274 “An introduction to Remote Sensing”, a fantastic module led by Graeme Awcock. In this module we learnt a considerable amount about remote sensing and how it is a vital tool and skill for environmental assessment. Part of the assessment was developing a poster presentation from a choice of topics, to tell a story on how that geographic area had changed. On Thursday 21st January Graeme organised a poster show featuring 75 posters, so that we may see our fellow peer’s posters and also have a chance of assessing other people’s work. With this module being open to both second and third years it was a great opportunity to see the diversity of work; in presentation, topics and writing style. Remote Sensing is a skill I have enjoyed learning and is something I am hoping to implement into my third year dissertation.

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Daniel Bardey • January 28, 2016

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