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A day of two halves

A day of two halves_pic 2A day of two halves_pic 1Today consisted of using various different methods to estimate river water discharge. The group was split into two after Ray Ward had given the morning lecture. One set of students with Ray and another with myself (Rob).
Ray’s group were using 3 different methods which included, the velocity float method using our specially calibrated flotation devices (oranges from the local market), velocity measurement devices, and salt dilution method.
My group were using the slope area method to calculate discharge, which involved using surveying gear to measure the cross sectional area and slope as well as characterizing the sediment.
Luckily the weather was kind to us today, though not warm, the rain was kept at bay until the very end when we were packing up. Only a few oranges were KIA and no wellington boots were lost down the river and despite my poor student counting skills no one was left behind…

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Robert Strick • March 25, 2015

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