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Diary of a volcano visit. Day 1

WP_20150322_14_26_04_Pro-2cdthsn-1024x576[1]Today we made our first visit to the second most active volcano on the planet, Etna.

We met our group leader, Boris Bencke, and then ventured to our first site: a 1992 lava flow.

Boris talked to us about marvels of mumma Etna and how its behaviour has been changing as of late to more eruptive and pyroclastic. The importance of providing education to the population of Sicily is paramount to ensure the safety of the surrounding citizens. Predicting when mumma Etna feels as though Sicily “needs a slap” as Sicilian mothers often do, is still very difficult, often with little warning.

The weather may have been miserable but the lecture from Boris was inspiring and informative. The mist cleared a little to reveal the long flow of lava which had engulfed houses and very nearly destroyed a whole village.

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Robert Strick • March 22, 2015

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