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From a placement point of view: My first business trip

Here’s an update from Ella who is on placement with Samsung. You can read more about it by looking in our placement posts.

In July my team and I travelled to Jászfényszaru in Hungary, to meet with the Samsung environmental coordinators from Europe. This conference happens once a year in order to discuss relevant environmental matters and upcoming legislation. Luckily for me this trip gave me the opportunity to meet colleagues that I now correspond with regularly and more importantly learn about topics that would be significant throughout my placement.
In all honesty at the start l didn’t understand every topic that was discussed (this was mostly down to the fact that I had only been on the job for 3 weeks!). However, having this experience did allow me to ask many questions and generally help me settle into my placement quicker. So, baptism by fire worked and now I am confident to handle any inquiries!!

Alongside the two-day conference we visited an on-site Samsung TV factory. It was fascinating seeing all the complex machinery used to manufacture our products. Not to mention seeing the finished product packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard! We also visited the Smart Academy which showcased the use of Samsung products as a guide to education.

Overall the conference was a success. Actions were made from the discussions and I was given the responsibility to monitor their progress. This task provided me with information I would not have gained otherwise as well as keeping me updated on current topics.
I thoroughly enjoyed the event and can safely say I am looking forward to the next!

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Stephanie Thomson • January 25, 2015

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