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Cyprus field trip

Natalia_Cyprus field trip_Nov 2014_IMG_4088

Natalia and her fellow students examining pillow lavas, one of the highlights of her trip to Cyprus.

Our third year Geology BSc(Hons) students have recently returned from a field trip to Cyprus. Here, Natalia explains what her highlights of the trip were.

This picture is of one of the most remarkable moments for me during the Cyprus field trip. In this locality it was possible to see some amazing pillow lavas, with well visible convex tops and concave bases, and the dykes that cut these lavas. The sequence was formed during a sea-floor spreading when the lavas with a temperature of approximately 1200Cº contacted sea water and cooled abruptly. This violent cooling gave the pillow lavas some characteristics such as a glassy external crust and a finely crystalline interior.

I have no words to describe the feeling of being on the top of the ophiolitic sequence, it was definitely amazing!

Natalia Gauer Pasqualon.

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Stephanie Thomson • January 22, 2015

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