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Rewilding Sussex

rewilding sussex_v2Using species as the tools for conservation, not as the targets, was the take-home message delivered by Dr Chris Sandom of Rewilding Sussex in a recent talk given at the University of Brighton as part of a lunchtime seminar series. Rewilding is a new wildlife conservation paradigm that looks to revolutionise the way we live within the environment. Based on the idea of reintroducing former native species, such as beavers, wild boar, wolves and lynx (in the UK context), to restore ecosystems to their former glory, it offers a message of hope to a conservation movement otherwise besieged by doom and gloom. It’s time to get excited by the nature once more!

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Stephanie Thomson • November 20, 2014

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  1. Isabella January 21, 2015 - 8:07 am Reply

    Hello there!
    I’m a university student and I am very interested in creating a fashion collection to promote ‘rewilding in Sussex’

    Please let me know if you are interested, hoping to start making it this week.

    Isabella Tan.

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