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Latin American Geography, Gender and Sexualities seminar

I’m Kath Browne and I lecture in human geography at Brighton, particularly looking at issues of social justice. I teach about how place matters to social exclusion and my research examines gender and sexual difference. In particular, in my research I look at how women and sexual/gender minorities are marginalized from everyday spaces and how these groups create new and empowering alternative spaces in which to be themselves.

conference official photoI was invited to speak at the Second Latin American Geography, Gender and Sexualities (II Seminário Latino-americano de Geografia, Gênero e Sexualidades ) seminar in Brazil.

Attended by delegates from around the world the conference focused on increasing the theoretical and methodological field of the Latin American Geography from gender, sexualities and interseccionality approach in its spacial dimensions.

Key subject covered at the conference included: Promoting discussion between researchers from different countries and institutions on gender and sexualities issues Strengthening the scientific production relations between national and international research groups Deepening the knowledge of scientific production that co-relates gender and sexualities with the foundational concepts of geography

You can read more about it in my conference diary

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Katherine Browne • November 19, 2014

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