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Day three: Latin American Geography, Gender and Sexualities

This is my diary of a recent trip to Brazil to speak at a conference on geography, gender and sexualities.
IMG_9763 Porto Vehlo

Porto Velho

Porto Velho is a small town in the Northern region of Brasil. It borders the Amazon and is very clearly poorer than Brasilia. However, no matter where you go there are always traces of globalization, and in Porto Velho there is an air conditioned shopping centre. As many consumption geographers have discussed, this shopping centre is vey much globalized in the ambience it seeks, in the uniformity of the building, wide aisles, flagship shops at each end and smaller shops between. There is of course a McDonalds in the foodcourt! But look closer and the specificity of Brasil and Porto Velho is also there. None of the shops are recognizably global (except perhaps C&A). The shops instead and the food served are distinctly Brazilian. Acai is the fruit of the region (although found all over Brazil) and is served here.

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Katherine Browne • November 18, 2014

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