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Day six: Latin American Geography, Gender and Sexualities

Here’s my diary of my trip to Brazil to speak at a conference on geography, gender and sexualities.

Conference day three

Today was focused on when who experienced multiple forms of exclusion.

Sonia Beatrix Dos Santos explored health issues for Black women and the fight for the right to health in women’s issues in Brazil. The paper showed how Black feminists have been key in developing not health care for impoverished Black women who didn’t have formal jobs.  By fighting for healthcare as part of the constitution, these feminists massively improved the situation for Afro-Brailian women. However, these women are subject to both racism and sexism and there is still a lot to be done. This includes recognising the specifics of afro-Brazilian health needs and empowering Black women in communities to think about health issues. Even with healthcare in the constitution, some 30% of Black women in labour needed to go to more than one hospital to receive maternity care. There are regional differences, and Dos Santos noted that the North-east of Brazil is the worst.

Angela Sacchi’s paper then explored gender in Indigenous communities, explaining that in Brazil’s Indigenous communities, women occupy a range of roles, not only raising children, but also around health and other practices. Nonetheless, men and women have different roles, use space differently and have differential access to public participation. There are a lot of of struggles, and there are differences with women’s movements, that do not recognize their own ethnocentricism.

Xose Manuel Solla focused on empirically examining geographies of sexualities in the Spanish context. Looking at journal articles published in Spain, he argued that the dictatorship in Spain created an important difference between Anglo-geographies and Spanish geographies.  Geography in Spain was very closed and difficult. Exploring over 5,000 journal articles from 19 journals between 1990-2013, there were 9 articles in 23 years on sexualities in geography journals and 6 of these were published between 2007-2012.  Gender fared slightly better with 172 articles- 3.5% of articles published but these are irregular over time and generally averaged around 5 per year. Most of those published were in one specific journal from a progressive Barcelona University,

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Katherine Browne • November 18, 2014

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