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Days 5, 6, 7: Dating the Early Stone Age site of Isimila

Here’s a diary of James Cole’s recent research trip to Tanzania as part of a project to date the early stone age site of Isimila.

2nd to 4th September 2014

We have spent the last few days cleaning back the section identified by Martin as suitable for the OSL samples, and hammering the metal tubes into the sediment and then digging them out again. This was quite labour intensive and tough as the sediments were very compact and concreted. However we were successful in taking our samples, the worry now is getting them back to the UK. Dr Pastory Bushozi also finally made it out to site today (04/09/2014) having been in Dar es Salaam teaching visiting students from America. So Martin and I spent some time taking him around the site and explaining what we had done and why. We also manage to identify the section where we think the original piece of bone was dated from in the 1960’s by Clark Howell et al. I shall miss Isimila as tomorrow we drive back to Dar es Salaam to fly home on Saturday, I hope that nothing goes wrong.

James Cole at Isimila

Dr James Cole pointing to the section where the bone was dated to c. 260000 years ago at Isimila

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Mark Higginson • September 4, 2014

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