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Day three: Dating the Early Stone Age site of Isimila

Here’s a diary of James Cole’s recent research trip to Tanzania as part of a project to date the early stone age site of Isimila.

31st August 2014

Today was an exciting day as Martin and I walked around the southern branch of the Isimila Karonga trying to piece together the geological story of the site in relation to the published material. The southern Karonga does not typically have much archaeology present within the deposits but it was very useful in terms of looking at the deposits and beginning to get an understanding of the geology, particularly the fantastically red coloured Holocene deposits shown below.

Southern branch of the Karonga

A view of the southern branch of the Karonga, note the red Holocene deposits and Isimila Hill in the background (Photo courtesy of Dr James Cole)

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Mark Higginson • August 31, 2014

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