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Day two: Dating the Early Stone Age site of Isimila

Here’s a diary of James Cole’s recent research trip to Tanzania as part of a project to date the early stone age site of Isimila.

30th August 2014

With some trepidation we set off at 0630 in the morning to continue our trip to Iringa where our site of interest – Isimila – was located and arrived there at about 1330. On arrival at our amazing campsite – Isimila African Gardens located right next to the Isimila Stone Age site we had a quick lunch and went down to meet the Museum Curator Mr Ngoma to sort out our access to the site and arrange the working hours and week. I also had the pleasure of introducing Martin to the site for the first time. Tomorrow we will spend the day walking around the site to try and make sense of the geology and the incredible archaeology that is found there.

Isimila African Gardens

Isimila African Gardens – view from our banda (Photo courtesy of Dr James Cole)

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Mark Higginson • August 30, 2014

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