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DSC_0359New techniques developed at the University of Brighton to help archaeologists ‘see’ underground are starting to unlock the industrial secrets of an ancient civilisation.

Would you like to be involved in a project like this? I’m Chris Carey, Geography with Archaeology course leader at Brighton and I had a Eureaka moment on a field trip during this research project. I was working with UCL Qatar, investigating the iron industries of the Kingdom of Kush in Sudan. By applying novel methods to map structures and deposits deep underground, I could point the team to exactly what they were looking for. After they had been looking for two years.

This is just one of the extraordinary projects I’m involved in. And it’s the kind of thing I would love to get you involved in as a student on Geography and Archaeology BSc (Hons). As one of the only courses in the UK to offer geography as a practical base for studying archaeology…

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Mark Higginson • July 30, 2014

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