Sustainability in the Fashion Industry #1

Influence of Social Media on the knowledge of sustainability in the Fashion Industry.

This blog will give insight on knowledge content on green fashion and the expectations regarding the sustainable supply chain held by consumers and shared within online communities. In sustainable and eco-sectors, the supply chain is of outmost concern for consumers, as most benefits derived from the eco-purchase a

re linked to the green and ethical credentials of the supply chain. The Influence of social media on the knowledge of users is growing, when there is interest in a specific area in general, users are able to enrich themselves with more information. Thus this also counts for sustainability in the fashion industry.


For example searching on Pinterest for sustainable fashion, the result delivered a list of 5 must-see documentaries.The ultimate Netflix & Chill guide for ethical fashion.

  1. The True Cost
  2. The Next Black
  3. Thread
  4. Sweatshop: Dead Cheap Fashion
  5. Poverty Inc.

Click read more for the total advanced list.

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