One Week In


So I have not had the best of weeks running wise.

Firstly I forgot my trainers last weekend when I went to my parents for Friday/Saturday. This meant that I couldn’t run on Saturday. I then played Cricket on Sunday, Football Monday then no run until today (Thursday).

That leads me to this morning. I got up, and immediately felt the pull to go back to bed, it was cold and grey outside but I fought through. After this initial good decision, I made a rather bad one. I decided to go for a different route.

Why was this bad? Well I didn’t realise how painfully boring it would be, and how much I enjoyed having little subtle corners etc. I realised that I break down my runs into little sections, and on this new route the sections were too long, and seemed never ending.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 09.40.56

But I got through, and so run 3 is done. Next is to try and get out again tomorrow morning, but this may prove difficult as I am teaching in Hastings (a 2 hour commute) at 10am, so need to get the bus at 7.45am. That is one thing that I have noticed, getting out has been more difficult this week with the students back, as I need to leave at 7.45 to get a parking space in Mouslecoomb. This means that getting up at 7 for a run is not really feasible, and 6.30 is so much harder to get out of bed for!

But, that said, I have teaching for the next 6 or so weeks, so if I can get through that going out between 2 and 3 times a week, alongside Cricket and Football then it should set me up for the summer when I have a lot more flexibility in terms of working hours.


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