Key Information

The University of Brighton is currently looking to recruit a national network of high-quality mentors with expertise in technical subjects to support service leavers as they transition to a high quality career as teachers in further education. 

Mentors will receive training in the University of Brighton’s approach to using the ‘ONSIDE Mentoring Framework’ (Hobson, 2016, 2019).

a photo of peope looking through microscopes in the lab - all are wearing white lab coats

In order to gain the full benefits of ‘ONSIDE’ mentorship  it is vital that:

  • the mentoring is independent of other aspects of their programme and employment
  • mentors undertake appropriate training, development and networking opportunities
  • mentees (participating service leavers) are provided with training in how to make the most of the mentoring offer
  • mentors and mentees have opportunities for both face-to-face and remote interaction.

Mentors employed by the programme will:

  • have technical subject experience and expertise
  • have knowledge of and engagement within the further education sector
  • have relevant teaching experience
  • have previous experience of mentoring trainees
  • have appropriate personal and professional characteristics
  • be an active member of the professional community
  • possess a minimum level of ability to engage in critical reflection on their own practice

Key duties of the role will include:

  • supporting the trainee’s professional, pedagogical and subject/vocational knowledge development
  • supporting the trainee’s career transition from service leaver to trainee teacher
  • identifying the trainee’s development priorities and devising an individual mentor support plan to meet these needs in collaboration with the trainee
  • being supportive of the trainee’s well-being

You can find out more about the Further Forces Mentor role in our handbook or please complete our contact form and we will be in touch with further information.