About the Further Forces Programme

Further Forces is a new national programme aimed at supporting service leavers with expertise in technical subjects as they transition to a high-quality second career as teachers in the further education (FE) sector.

This website provides all the information you require regarding the ‘onside’ mentoring aspects of this programme – you can also download our Further Forces Programme leaflet (pdf). If you are interested in mentoring our potential service leavers read on.

If you are a service leaver interested in the programme please click here.


Backed by the Ministry of Defence, Department for Education, Gatsby Charitable Foundation and the Education and Training Foundation, the programme operates across England and focuses on science, engineering and technology (SET) subjects.

The programme is delivered through a combination of northern and southern hubs (operated by University of Portsmouth) and a national mentoring programme operated by the University of Brighton.

Service leavers who participate in the programme will:

  • spend two years training whilst employed in a further education setting
  • achieve an appropriate teaching qualification, including any necessary personal maths and English qualifications
  • develop their own personal subject knowledge and access technical knowledge enhancement as guided by and initial needs analysis and self-assessment
  • receive expert mentoring to support this technical knowledge enhancement as well as to support the development of their pedagogic skills
  • receive general professional support as early career teachers