drawing of Berlin
Berlin 1951

6 at the Regency Town House

Six contemporary artists, all University of Brighton MA alumni, invite you to view their work in the elegant interior of the Regency Town House.  Adele Gibson – oil paintings inspired by the sublime Arctic wilderness;  Fleur Cowgill – mixed media on canvas, Remembering and the remembering of remembering; Hilary Kennett – Artworks inspired by correspondence of a local Regency family; Paul Tuppeny – questions how we present our species to ourselves;  Sharon Fraser Hall – thinking and feeling through colour, mark and form; Chris Shaw Hughes – Intense, meticulous carbon drawings of trauma sites.

For this exhibition Chris has chosen to show works from his large series of carbon drawings featuring cities that have been destroyed by the deliberate targeting of their civilian populations – from european cities devastated during WW2 to todays images of Gaza. He is also showing a small section of his more recent forest drawings.


6 at the Regency Town House, gallery in Brunswick Square, Hove

 It’s open every day except Monday and Tuesdays from 10.30am – 5.00pm

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