Melz Owusu

Wednesday 6th February 2019


Sallis Benney Theatre, Grand Parade Campus

Everyone is invited to this talk and Q & A about decolonising the curriculum, as part of the Fine Art lecture series.


Melz is a transmasculine decolonial theorist and activist, they have spoken on decoloniality across the country and around the world. Melz started their activist journey at the University of Leeds where they served as the Education Officer for two years with a focus on challenging institutional whiteness. Melz’s work focuses on demonstrating how whiteness and coloniality continue to operate in Higher Education and how we can collectively challenge and aim to dismantle these power relations.


Melz has spoken internationally about decolonising the curriculum, and we are very excited to welcome them to speak here.


A couple of final year Critical Practice students felt moved to organise a talk about decolonising the curriculum after hearing Black Lives Matter activist Joshua Virasami speak with theorist TJ Demos about the ‘mass indebtedness’ of universities to black people and their histories. We hope that this talk will give us a lot to think about, discuss and act on, as artists, students, teachers and members of a wider university community.

Image credit: Martha Ibukun



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