Para-Monte was set up in memory of Adam Savory in 2012. Adam was a fit and healthy 25-year old who lost his life to altitude sickness which developed following a 15-hour bus trip to the city of Cusco in Peru. Read Adam’s story, find out more information about the Para-Monte charity and donate money to support the work that Para-Monte does in raising altitude awareness.

The University of Brighton have been working with Para-Monte since 2013, when they kindly supported our own Learning Through Adventure Expedition To Peru, where we took 26 students and 5 staff to carry out altitude-based research, climb Machu Picchu and carry out relief work in a local primary school.

In 2017, the Para-Monte charity presented a cheque for £10,000 to the University of Brighton, linked to equipment, research, education and ultimately raising awareness around altitude illness. The donation is being used to, raise awareness and educate schools, colleges and the wider community about the effects of altitude illness, and to fund research into assessing individual response to acute and chronic altitude exposure.

Over 50 people attended the event when Para-Monte presented the cheque. In addition, BBC South East, the Herald newspaper and the Eastbourne Buzz reported on the occasion through radio, television and online media.

Presentations were delivered by Dr Neil Maxwell and Ash Willmott. Demonstrations then focused on screening tests in the hypoxic chambers featuring new, donated equipment. Speeches and the cheque presentation followed. Starting Gate provided the hospitality which was funded by the ECHO grant scheme.

Our collaboration with Para-Monte aims to improve prevention of the fatal consequences of altitude illnesses. In part, this is achieved by nearly 100 students who experience our environmental extreme-taught modules. Building evidence through our research also creates new insights which will contribute to the Para-Monte’s vision to:

  • raise awareness regarding health risks and dangers when travelling at altitude worldwide;
  • promote and provide education on safe travel and altitude; and
  • promote and support research into the causes of altitude illnesses.

Para-Monte have released an altitude awareness app which has been trialed in our laboratories.

We are really proud to be working so closely with Para-Monte and feel a sense of responsibility with what we know about altitude physiology and illness to share this with as many people as we can to help reduce the incidence of altitude illness in the future. Dr Alan Richardson is a trustee for the charity and we are regularly in contact with Chris and Jeannette (Adam’s parents) to keep them up-dated on the work we are doing.


Para-Monte Open Day

Para-Monte Support British Airways

We are currently collecting data for a large altitude susceptibility study that is supported by Para-Monte.