Environmental Extremes Lab members, Dr Ash Willmott and Dr Neil Maxwell carried out the successful product testing of the CAERvest® – a novel endothermic hypothermic device for core body cooling safety – on behalf of Bodychillz Ltd.

The CAERvest® was used in both the Brighton and London Marathons on some runners who presented symptoms of exertional heat stroke. In all cases using the vest saw rapid reductions in core temperature and the London Marathon Race Medical Director greeted the Director of Bodychillz Ltd. by saying, “Today, Steve, you have saved a life!  I believe you are really onto something here.” and later tweeted “@CAERvest Amazing therapy for serious heatstroke at the @LondonMarathon today #savinglives”. The CAERvest® has also been successfully used amongst heatstroke victims at Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. Phase 2 evaluation of CAERvest® on-going.

CAERvest® Information Poster

It has been hugely rewarding working with Bodychillz Ltd. and specifically, Managing Director, Steve Tocker, and Medical Director, Dr Rowley Cottingham. Their passion for developing the CAERvest® was infectious and yet the rigour and attention to detail with which they wanted it evaluated was impressive. They knew exactly what they wanted, but were flexible to what we at the University could bring to the table.

“I speak for all of the team here at BodyChillz when I say that I doubt CAERvest® would exist in its current state, and certainly not at its current level of efficiency, without your expertise, input and hard work and we shall forever be in your debt for that. You have supported us in taking a proof of concept model, essentially a plastic bag containing a blend of chemicals, and transforming it into a genuine life-saving product. You should be immensely proud of that remarkable achievement – a model of how the total of academic plus commercial input can be greater than the sum of the parts.”

(Steve Tocker, 18th May 2017)

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